Cable: The Hellfire Hunt

Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Superhero
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: James Robinson
Artist: Jose Ladronn
Publication date: 2017
Status: Completed
Views: 627
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Collecting Cable (1993) #-1, 48-58; Cable & Machine Man Annual 1998; Machine Man & Bastion Annual 1998; Wolverine/Cable #1.An action-packed era for the mutant out of time! When Cable saves reporter Irene Merryweather from the Hellfire Club, he learns of their plot to slay Apocalypse and seize his power! Cable can''t let that happen -and he can''t let Apocalypse return either. Can Irene help him save the world, or will she just paint another bull''s eye on her back? Then, Cable finds himself in Wakanda...can he and the Black Panther silence Klaw, Master of Sound? Domino returns -but there''s a price on her head! Can Cable rescue his mentor without his powers? And will Cable and Machine Man be allies or enemies? Plus: Flash back to Cable''s arrival in the present -and his fi rst battle with Wolverine!
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